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Obituary for James "Jimmy" Norman O'Donnell

How could anyone summarize Jimmy in the length of an Obituary? Well, I’m going to try and be as brief as I can.

From what I’ve heard, he didn’t have much of a childhood but loved the children around him in his later life. He never asked for anything but was willing to give all he had to help some out. His radio and harmonica were his constant companion and he could talk politics (the Torys would have loved him)or play you a tune (usually his version of “The Last Post”) at a moments notice.

Jenna and Jake were two of his favourite people and he always asked about them and sometimes ask of Slim and the small brown dog. Sherry working?

His birthday, Halloween, Christmas, and The Exibition were his favourite times of the year and he would start asking about them about 2 months before each one rolled around so you didn’t forget. A drive to McGivney or Minto on his birthday and fudge at Christmas would be all that was needed to make him smile.
His last 8 years found him at 2 different assisted living residences where he made more friends than he could ever count and he looked forward to seeing everyone of them every day. Thanks to the ladies and guys there for taking such great care of Jimmy.

Grapes, cheesies, bananas and yogurt were some of his favourite treats, and he loved to share them all as long as they lasted. Kindest heart ever!!

At 71 he was the passenger on the back of my cycle and only complained that his arse was a bit sore but he was smiling. At 72 he got to drive his first ATV and tube the Nashwaak River. The Zipper at the FREX caught his eye, but he backed out once he saw how high it was and chose the flying elephants instead. Fun times watching Jimmy pass out his beaded necklaces to all the gals at the Frex. He certainly was a ladies man.
I’m sure he is comfortable now with his Mother and Sister.

Rest easy my friend.

A graveside service will be held in the spring. Arrangements are in the compassionate care of Chipman Funeral Home & Crematorium (339-6612). Memories and condolences may be shared through